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    Hello add-on creators, i'm in desperate need of a cursor add-on. When i started playing WoW, i used a tiny 14" screen and had no problems whatsoever. Now i use a 42" screen and finding my cursor mid fight is a p.i.t.a! The current cursor add-on adds flash and pizazz but that is not what i need and besides, it is not working as intended. So here is my idea. It may not be original but i have yet to find anyone working on it. I'm not well enough to teach myself how to create add-ons and make this or i would attempt it if it is possible. Thank you for your time.


    Name: Phat Cursor


    Function: Gives the user the superhuman ability to change the size, shape and colour of their cursors. This includes out of combat, combat, tool-tip and the utility cursor.

     There is as of now an AddOn out there that is fit for altering cursor sizes I think;
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    Hello people I am looking for someone who could possibly make me a small addon :). I would like to have a boss fight an addon which the song from the youtube link would be great if someone could sowas and it could conjure me.
    The text with google translator made my English is too bad ^^


    Youtube Link From The Music: https://youtu.be/CEvzFcqKbXw?list=LL_TK-uiUPNVL-R8cK49Yuyg&t=8

     I think there is an addon called "Soundtrack" that gives you a chance to include any mp3 you like and afterward relegate to particular occasions inside the amusement.
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