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    OK, I've trolled through the entire official Topic.

    Situation: I'm a physically disabled veteran. As such, I have little use of my left arm. I use a Nostromo n52te so I don't have to fight to reach the keyboard.

    Process: I map the basic 14 buttons on the face of the n52te to Bar 1 (10 buttons, 2 rows of 5) and Bar 2 (5 buttons, 1 row of 5). I do the same with pairs 3&4 and 5&6.

    I would like to make a button. Call it SWITCH that basically swaps through the button sets. The problem of course comes from:
    a) mapping the keybindings
    b) writing the conditional code to swap through successfully and maintaining those mappings.

    My first thought was to use ActionBar Paging but it never seems to present Bars 3&4 or 5&6 instead of 1&2. The order is twistedly weird and I haven't figured out the pattern.

    Any thoughts? Assistance? Help?

    Thanks for anything.
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