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    SB just sets up your prefered combat spell before things get locked down. I toyed with the idea, but it's kinda limited usage.

    As for Earth Shield, you might try playing with the Earth Shield tracker icon instead. I'm sure you'll find that a lot more useful than just blindly recasting it.

    I second this option. I love this mod, but the cast in combat is something I miss a TON from SB. Granted this does have limited usage I found myself using it all the time for Seals, Lightning Shield, Tiger's Fury and other short expiration based buffs. Since it doesn't require me to mash a button to buff it, I'm left free to mash buttons for other buffs. ;) I would love to see this come to ZOMGBuffs as this is the only thing it is missing at this point.

    Great work finally found a replacement for SB!

    [Edit] Just realized that wasn't very clear. The option I'm seconding is the option to have an in combat buff (just the single one like SB).
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