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    Bumped cuz i care :P Battlefield commander is simply a must for me.
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    Hello there guys :)
    Let me start by saying im a total noob in lua code and wow functions, so maybe what im going to sugest its impossible to do, but anyways i though it was a good idea. The game display health bars of sorts when you press V button, and i was wondering if it could be somehow tweaked to show numbers or maybe and adicional bar with more info, like mana. I know a lot of mods out there let you have extra health bar and all kind of fancy stuff, but i havent find a single one of them that "sticks" to the target like the blizzard one does. Also it could be great if it only showed the bar on the player you have selected.

    I have no idea how difficult this could be to code, or if it can be done at all, but im sure it can own in pvp battlegrounds. I mean, when you need a quick look at your target health you just need to look above his head :P

    Thanks for your patience and for the long message, and looking forward to hear from you.

    Best regards

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