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    posted a message on Deus Vox Encounters
    I've been using the Custom Raid bars to monitor the trash respawns in ICC25/10.

    /dxerb 7200 Trash Respawn

    This quickly gets confusing when clearing multiple wings, And I was wondering if there is anyway to get the name of the targetted mob in the name of the Raid Bar?

    I tried
    /dxerb 7200 %t Respawns

    But it simply took the code as text and I ended up with that as the bars name, rather than the actual mobs name.
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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    Any possibility of getting aggro to stay on the meter while Mirror Images are active? Maybe just faded or greyed out?

    Otherwise when they run out and the bar reappears miles ahead of the tank I get smashed :S

    Also the possibility to always show yourself on the meter, say you only have 5 bars showing but you are 10th on DPS/Threat, could show you at the bottom instead of the 5th bar, numbered with ur current rank?
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Love your addon man, got me about 36 buttons back lol.

    Just a couple things that irk me.

    Items with charges show the count rather than the charges left:
    ie. I have 2 wizard oil on me, each with 5 charges, autobar shows the count as 2, rather than 10 like normal bars.

    Combat Fading:
    Food/Water remain "lit up" while you are in combat, where on normal bars they are faded out indicating they can't be used in combat.

    Cheers dude, keep up the good work.
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