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    Although Master Plan does an incredible job of making our garrison life easier, many of us still manage our followers on an excel sheet, for many various reasons such as filtering, counting or even for further macro development.

    However, Since blizzard didn't make any Web API for the garrison, the only way to get the follower information into an excel sheet is a manual process.

    It should be probably simple enough to create an Add-on which scans your followers and output a string on a frame, which we can then use to import it into an excel sheet.
    I would make such an addon myself but I have no clue in LUA programming or blizzard API.

    If anyone can take such a project, I can write the excel Import macro to accompany it.

    String should contain the following :
    1. Account Name, Server, Realm (to allow multiple accounts into one excel sheet).
    2. For each Follower :
    a. Name
    b. Follower ID (for future usage, like using web API)
    c. Class
    d. Spec
    e. Race
    f. Active / Not Active flag
    g. Quality (Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon)
    h. Weapon ilvl
    i. Armor ilvl
    j. Abilities / Traits names

    3. Account Garrison buildings which can have a follower working (for future usage, like building a golden team which includes followers with those matching traits)

    Anyone interested ?
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