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    posted a message on Disenchant or selling stuff warns me if that item is enchanted

    "That item is enchanted, are you sure you want to destroy it?"


    Any ideas if this can be done?


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    posted a message on Action Bar Buttons & MagnetButtons

    A bit of history, shortly after secure templates came out, I started this project... then stopped (after about 9 months). For years it was out of date, then I brought it back on 11/25/18. And have been adding new features since. ASSUME I don't know current content (because I don't). Waiting for classic.


    Is there strong competition here? I think I have flexibility on my side... https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/magnetbuttons


    I want to make the addon better, but few people ever make suggestions.


    Edit: I know you are thinking, try your product and review it for FREE?! If you are on Stormrage I will give you 30 inscription scrolls (level ranges 1-3 available), for any legitimate suggestion.

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