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    Using routes with the HUD mode of SexyMap has been great! I just follow the route line until I spot a node that needs my attention.

    Often though, I'll have to swing around to get the node, or get in combat, or avoid combat, etc. with the result that I can't tell which way to go to continue along my route.

    Can you add an option to show an arrow as part of each line segment in the route? Nothing fancy, just something to hint a consistent route direction to avoid backtracking.

    I would use the TomTom waypoints arrows, but there are two issues I run into when using it. First, when in sexymap HUD mode, the arrow doesn't seem to track or advance to the next node properly. Second, if there's a particular node(s) I want to skip due to mobs, etc I can't advance the arrow past it.


    BTW, would it be possible to add in the required skill needed for node types when setting up the route? Right now I'd have to check elsewhere to make sure I can actually mine/herb the nodes I can add to a route when leveling a profession.
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