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    Hello, i explain my problem, i'm trying to get my buff & debuff bigger on my target (and on focus) so i'm using this code  in a lua but the problem is when i try to use the feature in game from blizzard "Buffs on Top" the buff doesn't go on top like on the screenshot.

    So if anyone have any idea how to fix it, would be thankful

    -- Big Debuffs
      hooksecurefunc("TargetFrame_UpdateAuraPositions", function(self, auraName, numAuras, numOppositeAuras,largeAuraList, updateFunc, maxRowWidth, offsetX)
        local AURA_OFFSET_Y = 0
        local LARGE_AURA_SIZE = 27 -- Self Debuffs
        local SMALL_AURA_SIZE = 15 -- others debuffs
        local size
        local offsetY = AURA_OFFSET_Y
        local rowWidth = 0
        local firstBuffOnRow = 1
        for i=1, numAuras do
    	 if ( largeAuraList[i] ) then
    	   size = LARGE_AURA_SIZE
    	   offsetY = AURA_OFFSET_Y + AURA_OFFSET_Y
    	   size = SMALL_AURA_SIZE
    	 if ( i == 1 ) then
    	   rowWidth = size
    	   self.auraRows = self.auraRows + 1
    	   rowWidth = rowWidth + size + offsetX
    	 if ( rowWidth > maxRowWidth ) then
    	   updateFunc(self, auraName, i, numOppositeAuras, firstBuffOnRow, size, offsetX, offsetY)
    	   rowWidth = size
    	   self.auraRows = self.auraRows + 1
    	   firstBuffOnRow = i
    	   offsetY = AURA_OFFSET_Y
    	   updateFunc(self, auraName, i, numOppositeAuras, i - 1, size, offsetX, offsetY)

    https://i.imgur.com/wKHTKxT.jpg to see it bigger

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