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     You might be able to do that using WeakAuras.

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    I want to replace Healbot with SuF and Clique. However, Healbot shows "Incoming heals" as predictive text. So, for example, if a unit has max health 2000, has taken 300 damage it would show "-300". If you start casting a heal of 400 it shows "+100". Very useful!


    Sadly, I couldn't reproduce this with standard tags - so I've made a custom tag. BUT! I am not massively lua experienced. 


    Here is my custom tag code, I also altered a line in incheal.lua;


    Edited incheal.lua and made "HealComm = LibStub("LibHealComm-4.0", true)" removing the "local" so I didn't have to load it every time.
    function(unit, unitOwner)
    	local inc = HealComm:GetHealAmount(UnitGUID(unit), HealComm.ALL_HEALS, GetTime()+3)
    	if inc==nil then inc=0 end
    	local k =UnitHealth(unit)-UnitHealthMax(unit)+inc
    	local t=""
    	if k<0 then t=tostring(k) end
    	if k==0 then t="" end
    	if k>0 then t="+"..tostring(k) end
    	return t


    I am trying to improve this, but currently it works!


    Comments? Suggestions?


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