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    Quote from lilsparky
    are there any flags to show damage reduction from resistances? i know it depends on level, but you could just assume the same level. so if i have +xx shadow resist, it'd be nice to see just what reduction that would equate to.

    (the poster formerly known as 'Astaldo')
    Such info is displayed in TankPoints which will sadly break at least partially coming patch.

    Aliset half-adopted / half-hijacked maintainance (only Whitetooth knows which one it was)
    during a period of long-inactivity from Whitetooth (which was known and expected nonetheless)
    but the addon has been in limbo since.

    It's in a mostly good working state but feels even less "maintained" than before it was unofficially adopted.

    I'm still hoping Whitetooth will take care of it for the coming patch, been a staple addon
    in my tanking/wow life for years.
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