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    Hacked the DPS module to include pet damage.

    Changed line 169 from:
    if sourceName and UnitIsUnit(sourceName, "player") then

    if sourceName and (UnitIsUnit(sourceName, "player") or UnitIsUnit(sourceName, "pet")) then

    Please include this change in the next update to the DPS module, or something less hackish; it would probably make a lot of hunters/warlocks happy.

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    Thanks for the help! Actually, I reconize a few faces from around and about. Rophy writes the ever useful ParserLib that my addon just switched to, and Wobin's Paintball was suggested from use in my guild. I'm pleased to be considered even in the same league. As the the answers yall provided me, thanks. Here's some follow up.

    Quote from Industrial »
    If your addon features things or you'd like to have something like slash commands, saving variables in different profiles, clean hooking of functions, etc; thats what Ace does.

    Sure, sure, that's pretty cool but the problem is that I can already do slash commands, I've got hooked functions that I've never had a problem with and I've always wanted to have per character settings on my addon. What does Ace2 do for me OTHER then make that stuff easier? 'Cause I've already done all that.

    Quote from wobin »
    Generally, if I'm in heavy development, I put in a version value into the DB, then check if the version is the same on load, if not, then purge the DB and reload defaults. My users should know that at that stage of development that the DB is unstable and will be wiped each time.
    Or you could update the values each time. It's up to you =)

    *Cough* Amazingly, that's what I'm doing. I guess I did something right.

    Quote from rophy »
    I'm still noob at lua

    HA! I've seen the code that you've put in ParserLib. While I could follow MOST of it, some onf it was beyond my comprehension. That's not noobish. I'm noobish.

    Quote from rophy »
    To know if your addon is 'efficient' or not, grab a similar addon and compare both addons for the above attributes.

    Problem is, there are no addons that do the smae things as I'm doing that arn't dead. SmartPet is the closest you can get and we all know that that is very much gone. Not that I'd want to compare my addon to SmartPet's code anyways; it's horrible.
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    As some of these questions are not directly related to Ace, I'm am posting them in the Community forum. I am extremly new to Ace, and a bit of a tyro when it comes to coding. I have a few questions to pose as relating to my addon PetExtend. Note that all my questions relating to Ace aim toward Ace2 because I prefer to not have any dependancies at all that arn't embedded into my addon.

    Ace Questions:

    #1: Ace sounds nifty and all, but what does it have to offer a relatively small stand-alone addon?

    #2: Is Ace2 usable now? I know that it's up for download and it works, but is it usable to the average coder? The documentation sounds kind of skechy.

    General Questions:

    #1: If I declare a local variable at the top of my .lua file (not within any functions) can I use it 100% through that file?

    #2: What is a good way to go between versions of an addon that is in heavy development and is getting new Saved Variables every version?

    #3: Can someone tell me a couple tricks to preserve memory and CPU usage?

    #4: How do I know if my addon is effiecent?

    #5: Where is a good place to ask questions like those four and not get laughed at?

    A Disclaimer: The PetExtend up for download is not that one I am concerned with, I have massively improved upon that. Please, if you look at the code, relize that I have improved in my coding abilities.
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