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    posted a message on I just want to know what avenue to take to make this possible.

    Water Shader


    I know the underwater distortion wont be possible (I believe?) but the foam around the edges with the light coloration and increase in transparency is what I am after.


    Also it would be nice to have some ability to control where this is, being bodies of water smaller than a certain size do not have he foam effect.


    For falling water:


    the area where water meets other water falling on top of it (the slight bulging upward around the edges) should be white, this would make waterfalls near-white at the impact. 


    Falling water increases the foam size as it lowers in level in the direction it is flowing ONLY. This means that if you have a water block by itself flowing into a hole next to it, the sides will not have the foam effect.


    Items will not cause the foam effect around them (although it would be neat if possible)


    Just wondering if this is possible, I think the aesthetic is perfect for minecraft and it would be an interesting water 2.0 development from mojang themselves.


    For me, I can make something like that water in Unity just fine, but I am unsure as to how minecraft would handle it and I am not versed in the technical limitations of minecraft specifically, as well as making shaders interact with minecraft in this way. I am assuming you need some sort of "middleman" that handles the interaction and creating the shader would just be GLSL or something.


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