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    posted a message on GatherMate2_Data - Collaborative Data Gathering
    Quote from Myrroddin >>

    For those of you can't tell days on a calender, I posted my comment to this thread before GatherMate2 was updated for classic. It has now been updated, but GatherMate2_Data has not, at least not at the time of my posting this. Some users have waded through years of file updates to find a pre-Cataclysm version.


    In the future, instead of calling a moderator or someone else out and throwing shade, please pay even the slightest amount of attention. Thanks.

     Dude, you made that post Sept 4th, several days after the classic version was already out. Then people corrected you and you get defensive using language like 'throwing shade' and insulting people insinuating they cant read a calendar. Seems like you can't read a calendar and you need to stop acting unprofessionally. No one was 'calling you out', and the two people confused were very polite about it. No one attacked you. Yikes.

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