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    posted a message on Expanding TreeGroup by default
    Just been looking at doing this myself. From looking at the TreeGroup code, I have managed to get this to work:

    local treeStructure = { ... as your post ... }
    -- Create tree and set status table.
    WidgetTree = AceGUI:Create( "TreeGroup" )
    WidgetTree:SetTree( treeStructure )
    TreeGroupStatus = { groups = {} }
    WidgetTree:SetStatusTable( TreeGroupStatus )
    --Tell tree that parent 2 should expand.
    TreeGroupStatus.groups[2] = true
    -- Refresh tree here.

    In your case, this should make "Enchants" expand.
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    posted a message on Draw a table in AceGUI-3.0
    There is a library made for scrolling tables, you can find it at:


    I don't know if it will work with AceGUI-3.0 or not.
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