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    posted a message on Approved Modpack File Not Showing up in CurseForge App

    I have created a 1.18.2 compatible file for my modpack and while it shows up just fine in the website, the app does not show that file nor does it show that the modpack now supports 1.18.2.




    Usually these new versions show up in the app right after they're approved but is there something extra I have to do because I'm adding a 1.18.2 file to a previously 1.18.1 pack?


    (Semi-related note, the link to install the pack from the webpage does nothing. It asks for permission to open the CurseForge launcher but even after I grant that, nothing happens at all.)

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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    Skada's CC breaks no longer work. They aren't showing up in the meters or announcing to my party when someone breaks my freezing trap. I do have Announce CC Breakers checked. It just isn't working.
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