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    Skip Shadowlands has been created. Tired of being forced to do SL at 48? This addon will allow you to keep playing Chromie Time until you hit 50. Even then, it will still block the intro SL quest. 

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    In reply to Ketho17:

     Sorry I should have come here... I fixed it yesterday and re-posted it.


    I had a few global variables, lots of constants and some tables. I renamed them all with a KJD_ preface and it fixed the problem.


    Thanks for testing :)


    It's kind of a goofball addon anyway.


    How did the other features work for you? They are all passive except the raid and group commands.

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    I wrote three addons years ago, and consolidated them into a single one last year. This addon works fine in Classic, but when I have it loaded in retail, I get an error when I try to use any of my toys. I have to turn off the addon before my toys will work.


    KhadgarsJunkDrawer has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI.

    I only have one function triggered by an event:


    function KhadgarsJunkDrawer_OnEvent(self, event, ...)
    	local message, sender, language, channelString, target, flags, unknown, channelNumber, channelName, zero, counter = ...;
    	--which event was triggered?
    	if (event==SAY) then 
    		DoTheTranslation(self, event, sender, language);
    	elseif (event==YELL) then
    		DoTheTranslation(self, event, sender, language);
    	elseif (event==EMOTE) then
    		DoTheEmoteReply(self, event, message, sender);
    	elseif (event==HEALTH) then

     I know that three of the functions referenced in this one are not being called because I am only calling them with a “say”, “yell”, and “emote”. I’m thinking that the DoTheHealthReply function may be bumping heads with the toy launch, but I don’t know. It is triggered by the UNIT_HEALTH event. Here is the DoTheHealthReply function:


    function DoTheHealthReply()
    	--get the current health, the max health, then figure
    	--out the percent health
    	local intHealth = UnitHealth("player");
    	local intHealthMax = UnitHealthMax("player");
    	local intPercentHealth = math.floor((intHealth/intHealthMax)*100);
    	--if the percent health is greater than 60%
    	--reset the flags
    	if (intPercentHealth>60) then
    	--DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Health Percent=" .. intPercentHealth, 0.0, 0.1, 0.0);
    	--left arm
    	if (intPercentHealth<=60 and not blnHitSixty) then
    		SendChatMessage("loses his right arm and says 'Tis but a scratch.'" , "EMOTE");
    	--right arm
    	elseif (intPercentHealth<=50 and not blnHitFifty) then
    		SendChatMessage("loses his left arm and says 'What!  Just a flesh wound.'" , "EMOTE");
    	--right leg
    	elseif (intPercentHealth<=40 and not blnHitForty) then
    		SendChatMessage("loses his right leg and says 'I'll do you for that.'" , "EMOTE");
    	--left leg
    	elseif (intPercentHealth<=30 and not blnHitThirty) then
    		SendChatMessage("loses his left leg and says 'All right, we'll call it a draw.'" , "EMOTE");


    I don’t see anything in there that will interfere with launching a toy. I have like no other problems with this addon besides trying to launch a toy.

    Any suggestions would be amazing.

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    I consolidated all my old addons into one. It was approved yesterday, and again after I added a new feature today. Even so, it is not searchable. My older addons are searchable. My new one has an apostrophe in the title...is that a problem?


    Khadgar's Junk Drawer is the addon. 

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    posted a message on New Emote Reply

    While I was at it, I also uploaded two of my other addons to work with the newer API. When I say "newer API," I mean the one that broke all the old ones back in the day. My other addons are:


    Raid or Group Wipe Fault

    Funny Quote Translator


    please check these simple, yet amusing addons and let me know how they could be updated...

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    I created Emote Reply (9500 downloads) many years ago and last updated it in 2011. I never updated it for the new API until now. I also originally published it under the name of Umbridge. I tried to recover that account, but I couldn't. I just re-published it as "New Emote Reply."


    What this addon does is allows you to set an emote reply. So, if someone targets your character and does an emote, you will reply with an emote in return. I set up most of the emotes with default replies. You can change them.



    I also added code to remedy an endless loop issue that the original had. That was where when two characters targeted each other and one did an emote...and if you had the emotes set up just right, you both would spam the area with emotes until both characters got booted to the login screen.


    Please let me know what you think...or maybe alternate ways I could have handled the logic to prevent the endless loop issue. Enjoy.

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