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    Quote from garinhash
    i cant figure this out....
    my petbar showing vehicle health will not show up.
    if i go into settings and un-tick/re-tick petbar in enabled units this will have no effect.
    BUT if i un-lock/re-lock all frames the petbar showing my vehicle health will finally show up.

    until i exit mount (bar dissappears) then re-mount (vehicle/pet bar will stay hidden)

    I am having a similar issue. I cannot figure out how to have the "Flamethrower" bar/energy show-up on Brackenspore. If I disable SuF it shows up fine - thouhg I have ZERO desire to disable SuF. My assumption, is that I am not checking or clicking something correctly in my SuF setup. I have tried a bunch of different ones, but to no avail.

    Anyone know where I can test a similar bar and/or have some guidance?

    Thank you
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    Quote from d9d9
    All I am asking is to show blizzard arena frames in preparation room. But hide them when arena starts. That's it. Thanks.

    This is still an issue for me. Has this ever been resolved?

    Does anyone know a work around, as I installed gladius, however, the blizz arena prep frames still blocked.

    I have tried both to checking and unchecking show party frames. Did not work.
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