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    All Mods Have To Be For Fabric Not Forge

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    Even More Ideas:

    Idea 5:

    AOE Miner: Adds an NBT Tag: {AOE} (Double), This Tag Is The Area Of Effect of The Tool (Example: AOE:3.0d For 3x3x3 And AOE:21.0d For 21x21x21), it Also Adds A Few More AOE Types:


    AOEAdmin: AOE Miner But Breaks EVERY Block Instead Of Just Breakable Ones


    AOESquare: AOE But Breaks In a Square Instead Of a Cube


    AOEAdminSquare: AOEAdmin But Breaks Blocks In a Square Instead of a Cube


    Idea 6:

    MoreAttributes: Adds More Attributes To The Game.


    reach: The Reach Of The Player


    swim_speed: The Swim Speed Of The Player


    damage_resistance: The Damage Resistance Of a Player, Set To 100% (1.0) To Make The Player Immune To Damage, Each Level Of Resistance Increases This By 20% (0.2)


    dig_speed: The Mining Speed Of The Player.


    regeneration: The Regeneration Speed Of The Player (Examples: 1.0 For 0.5 Hearts (1HP) Every Second, 20.0 For 10 Hearts (20HP) Every Second)

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    Well, I Lied I Have 2 More Mod Ideas


    Idea 3:

    InfiniteItems, Adds a New Command: /infiniteitem, This Command Will Give The Item You Are Holding a Custom NBT Tag: IsInfinite:1b

    All Items With This Tag Will Display Infinity (∞) As Their Item Count And The Stack Will NEVER Run Out, Once Again MoreCommands Has This But It Only Works With Blocks, This One Has To Work With Potions, End Crystals, Spawn Eggs And Everything Else, There Is Also Another Command: /infiniteitemsadmin <playerName>, This Command Will Toggle Infinite Items Admin Mode For The Player, In Admin Mode All items For That Player Will Be Infinite.


    Idea 4:

    ItemExecute, This Mod Adds a Command That Will Allow You To Add Commands To items, Just Type /itemexecute add <command> <id> To Add The Command To The Item, Use ";;" To Seperate Multiple Commands, You Can Add As Many Functions To An Item As You Want, Replace <id> With Command ID, This Will Be Used In The Remove Command, You Can Remove Commands By Doing /itemexecute remove <id>, This Will Display All The Commands Attached To The Item, You Can Change Commands By a Custom Hotkey, The Commands Will Only Apply To Right-Clicking, Commands Will Not Be Global, They Will Be Stored In an NBT Tag: {Commands} (List), Set Limited Uses By Doing /itemexecute limiteduse <id> <value>, Replace <id> With The Command ID You Want To Apply It On, When The Uses Run Out, The Command Will Be Removed From The item

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    I Have 2 Mod Ideas:

    Idea 1:


    How About a Mod That Adds a Rainbow Text Formatting To Minecraft, The Rainbow Formatting Can Be Accessed By The &u Color Code, The Color Code Will Constantly Cycle Through Every Non-White And Non-Black Hex Color, MoreCommands Already Has This But It Crashes Every Time I Click Any Colored Text, The Mod Also Has To Be For 1.18.1


    Idea 2:


    a Mod That Adds a Special NBT Tag That You Can Use To Retexture Any Item To Any Other Item, NBT Tag: {itemtexture} (String)


    /give @s minecraft:diamond{itemtexture:"minecraft:netherite_ingot"}

    This Command Will Give The Player That Executes It a Diamond With The Texture Of a Netherite Ingot, But It Will Still Be a Diamond

    I Create a Lot of Datapacks With Custom Items And Am Too Lazy To Create a CustomModelData For Every Single Item Using a Resource Pack, And CustomModelData Is Limited To 2,147,483,647 Custom Models Per Item.

    Minecraft Version: 1.18.1

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    I Want a Forge Mod For 1.16.5 That Adds Wireless Redstone Transmitters And Receivers But With Unlimited Frequencies, All Wireless Redstone Mods That I Found Have One of These Limits:


    32,767 (Signed 16-bit Integer)

    65,536 (Unsigned 16-bit Integer)

    2,147,483,647 (Signed 32-bit Integer)


    But The Mod I Want Doesn't Store The Frequency in a Value, It Stores It In a String, a String Is {""} And Inside Those Quotes You Can Type ANYTHING You Want, So With This Mod We Would Be Able To Type Any Number In a GUI That Opens When You Right-Click a Transmitter Or Receiver And That Number Would Be Stored In a String Instead Of a Value, Leading To Unlimited Frequencies

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    So, I'm Looking For a Fabric Mod For 1.18.1 That Adds a Custom NBT Tag (Example: itemtexture:"ItemID") And The ItemID Is The ID Of The Item So Say I Have a Diamond With The NBT Tag {texture:"minecraft:netherite_ingot"} It Would Display The Texture Of a Netherite Ingot But The Item Will Still Be a Diamond, Are There Any Mods For Fabric 1.18.2 That Can Do This, it Would Be Very Helpful, I Know That You Can Do This With Texture Packs Using CustomModelData But I Create a Lot Of Datapacks With Custom Items And I'm Too Lazy To Create a Resource Pack And Then Extract The Game JAR And I'm WAYYY Too Lazy To Do That, This Would Be Amazing!

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