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    Hi everyone,


    is there a way to prevent a file of being overwritten when updating a addon via twitch client?



    I've written an addon, which sends hails into the guild channel. For an easy customization of the hail phrases by the user, I've added a template on this purpose, which can be edited with a text editor and saved with another name - new file generated in the addon folder, which is not part of the package (zip file).


    When updating the addon the whole folder is overwritten and the custom phrases are gone. 

    To dodge this I came up with the idea of an template, which is part of the package, and a new one witch is not. I thought only single files are gonna be overwritten. But nope, it's the whole folder.


    Does anyone have an idea how to preserve the custom file of beeing overwritten?
    Dismissed ideas so far.

    • Editing the saved variables manually by the users.
      To complicated, high risk of messing everything up - no way
    • Building an interface within the game to store the custom phrases as saved variables.
      Far to few knowledge for this on my site :(

    Thank you in advance



    McRoell / lmrolf

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