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    I've noticed that a lot of people seem to prefer angel rings or other bauble based forms of flight to jetpacks, and my main assumption is that it's because jetpacks require an armor slot to use.  I am wondering if anyone would be interested in creating a mod that allows people to use unarmored jetpacks in the torso bauble slot.  This way the player would have the choice to either equip the armor that's provided in the mod, or to use their own armor from mods like Botania or Construct's Armory and still be able to gain a form of flight.  Armored jetpacks would of course stay as chestplate items instead of torso baubles, and the flux armored/dark soularium armored jetpacks would be their own standalone items that work as both.  This would tie in fairly cleanly with the progression of angel rings, as it takes a few increasingly more powerful items before you get to a good near-creative flight option, and you can be armored how you wish the whole time.

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