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    New Version 1.1.0 ist out:


    • Added Burning Crusade Support
    • Added Main / Second Support
    • Added DKP management directly in addon
    • Added history improvements
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    Hello Folks!


    So that my guild and I can make faster progress in the allocation of loot via a 105 DKP system in the raid, I have developed the addon DKP Loot Master.


    The addon helps you with the following:


    • GDKP & 105DKP
      Supports both GDKP and 105DKP. The amount of bonus DKP can be configured freely.
    • Looting
      The loot of the loot master is recorded and automatically put into the queue.
    • Auction
      The queue can be changed by the Loot Master and then auctioned off when ready.
    • Bidding
      Players are given an easy to understand view to bid on an auction.
    • Inspections
      Players can only bid on items they can use and do not already own. For gold bids, the gold in the bag can be checked.
    • History
      The Master Looter and the players can view all auctions in the history. The history can be exported.
    • Configure
      The Master Looter has various configuration options at his disposal.
    • Import / Export
      The DKP data can be imported and exported as desired.

    This is only the first version and many things are in the pipeline like parallel auctions or main / second class prioritisation. You can see the Roadmap in the Discord Server:



    Tell me what you think and what can be improved. :)

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