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    Hey there,

    I'm very sorry that I leave you but I can't support this BFA shit anymore. Beside that I abandoned my UI from Curseforge because when they have selled their ass to Twitch a lot of developer functions were deleted and the addon update functions were implemented in their fucky bloaty Twitch client. Thats the reason I deleted it from curse because I doesn't want to support these fucks anymore.

    Also I don't like how WoW envelop so I quit playing since 7.2.5 (in my eyes a good time when I see what the future have brought)

    I have no clue why da fuck they dumped after 13 years their UI.

    For me its like a ton of work to get into this new shit without any fun or reputation because this new UI sucks in my eyes beside that the story is fucked up etc.etc.

    I never want to play or support this BFA shit so I have sadly abandoned my project.

    After a year of quitting started I a bit vanilla 1.12.1 when I release that this is the game what makes me happy when i start playing.

    So I have developed a very simple complete rehaul of my addon.

    If the retail server of classic starts I will develop soon a working version for it.

     I will release everythign on GitHub:





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