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    posted a message on Skinner

    LibScrollingTable.lua skin causes errors, there is wrong variable on line 20,

    local st = self.hooks[this].CreateST(this, cols, ...)

    cols should not be there

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    posted a message on Skinner

    Hey, since version b7.22747.1 the item tooltip constantly flickers when viewing guild news feed

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    posted a message on Skinner
    Hey there, I saw you updated PetJournalEnhanced skin, however it still throws errors.
    I managed to work around it by changing the code for that addon to this

    local aName, aObj = ...
    if not aObj:isAddonEnabled("PetJournalEnhanced") then return end
    local _G = _G
    function aObj:PetJournalEnhanced()
    	local PJE = _G.LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):GetAddon("PetJournalEnhanced")
    	if not PJE then return end
    	-- hook this to remove unique count inset
    	self:SecureHook(PJE:GetModule("UniquePets"), "OnInitialize", function(this) -- change here
    		self:Unhook(PJE:GetModule("UniquePets"), "OnInitialize") -- change here
    	-- hook this to change textures behind pet highStat
    	self:SecureHook(PJE:GetModule("PetList"), "PetJournal_UpdatePetList", function() -- change here
    		-- make sure extra textures have been created
    		if not _G.PetJournal.listScroll.buttons[#_G.PetJournal.listScroll.buttons].highStatBg then return end
    		for i = 1, #_G.PetJournal.listScroll.buttons do
    			self:changeTandC(_G.PetJournal.listScroll.buttons[i].highStatBg, self.lvlBG)
    		self:Unhook(PJE:GetModule("PetList"), "PetJournal_UpdatePetList") -- change here

    Not sure how valid this "fix" is but at least it no longer displays errors

    Skinner b5.16946.2
    PetJournalEnhanced 2.9.4

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