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    As tittle say, im not sure if its legal or not, i searched for months the perfect modpack i want and i cant find it, its only for survival for me only in single player, im not gonna open a server, i have no time for it, i tried to make my own modpack, using craftweaker, kubejs, etc, i always find a problem, and i found very amazing modpacks like ATM6, or Dimensions and Dungeoneering and i always have something  i dont like, i have a list of mod i want, around 400 - 500, i have a very high performance pc so thats not gonna be a problem, i just want someone can create my personal modpack considering everything, like world generation, mobs spawning, etc; some of the main mods i want are: Project MMO, Emendatus Enigmatica, Lycanites Mobs, Mekanism, etc. please leave a message or contact me

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