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    For oRA3. I don't know how im missing it but ive looked all over (files, /ora, /ora3, /oRA3, LDB plugin(?) ) and I just cannot find a GUI or even slash commands anywhere.

    For future reference, what files declare what the mod's /commands are? Localization?
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    I think his head finally exploded after trying to keep up with all the nuances of game mechanics for a cpl years. I'd love to see an update but thanks for all the previous work :)
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    Quote from silkfire »

    I use cyCircled with Bongos3 and it works like a charm ;)

    Except for one thing, how do I fix a green glow on items with a spell equipped (Use: ".....")?

    Any idea how to fix this? Cycircled can't seem to tell what trinkets i have equipped, looked at \plugins\Bongos.lua but the
    function cyCircled_Bongos:UpdateEquip(button) - function isn't working.

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    This is a sweet addon that allows you to save searches for the AH, so you can easily search for the things you most often want to buy.

    The problem is that this is my last Ace addon that does not have a Ace2 counterpart!  AHFavorites currently works fine, could use a few tweaks but its pretty simple. 

    Link to AH Favorites
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