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    posted a message on Classic Discovery Addon v0.8 (WoW Classic) - Gave you new objectives and tracked everything.

    v0.8 - Final Maybe - Added everything I wanted

    - Fixed All Bugs I Encountered to Lvl 17 in Loch Modan.

    - Added New Colors to Everything.

    - Tracks Where you Died and how many times.

    - Added All things I could find to Track I wanted to.

    - Shows Vendor Price.

    - Tracks Flight Points Collected

    - Tracks Gold Looted & Where.

    - Tracks Quests Started & Completed (Shows Green or Yellow)

    - Tracks Enemies Killed, How many you killed of each enemy (Achievements, Kill 10, 100 or 1,000)

    - Tracks The Different Loot Each Enemy Dropped & How many. (Achievements, Collect 10, 100 or 1,000)

    - Detects if loot is from Mining, Herbalism, Fishing, Chest, or Enemy.


    - Probably More things I forgot I added alot...


    - Let me know if I missed anything I could have Tracked or Added, thanks!

    Final Version Video of 0.8 New Character Playthrough.

    Worked Absolutely Everywhere in the world, Tracked Everything you did so you could see what you missed in each area, or what you have done in each area (if you wanted to look back on it later).


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