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    posted a message on AuctionFaster - Super Lightweight addon to post items from bag - Searching for contributors/coauthors

    Recently I stared to write yet another auction house addon. I have been missing a damn simple one.

    Auctioneer Appriser was pretty close to functionality I had in mind but unfortunately its rather bulky and requires you to make scans of AH.


    UI looks so far like this:


    Goals of this project:

    1. Super lightweight
    2. Does not need to scan all pages to determine price - In most cases 1 page is enough
    3. List of sellable items from your bag (already done)
    4. Automatic undercutting (probably already done) - I don't want to set prices for each item like in auctioneer
    5. Better price input (almost done) - 1 input per gold/silver/copper, not 3 like in auctioneer
    6. Have the option to keep historical data but only in compact form
    7. No useless information on screen

    In other words, auctioning addon for normal people, not gold makers. That is simple to use, effective and doesn't require studying manual to get used to.

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    posted a message on Getting all button spells/states

    It is about TDDps addon. I'm author of it.

    I have a problem with multi state bars (for example when rogue gets in stealth, action bar changes to other one). How can I actually read what spells are beneath all of the buttons? In multiple states? Here is the example code of scaning ElvUI (LibActionButton):

    function TDButton_FetchElvUI()
    	local ret = false;
    	for x = 1, 10 do
    		for i = 1, 12 do
    			local button = _G['ElvUI_Bar' .. x .. 'Button' .. i];
    			if button then
    				local spellId = button:GetSpellId();
    				if spellId then
    					local actionName, _ = GetSpellInfo(spellId);
    					if actionName then
    						if TDButton_Spells[actionName] == nil then
    							TDButton_Spells[actionName] = {};
    						ret = true;
    						tinsert(TDButton_Spells[actionName], button);
    	return ret;

    Is there a way to make it work? Scanning them each time bar changes does not seem like a good idea
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    posted a message on Create custom Castbar

    Im currently searching for the best way to show castbar of any spell. A very simple one. Similar to progress bar of weak auras with custom size and progress bar style.
    Icon on the left, delay region that has different color than the rest of it.

    What would be the best approach? I can draw all of those things manually but i am pretty sure i could reuse something from either blizzard or Ace3 lib.

    I found something like this:

    Could someone point in right direction?
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    posted a message on AceConfig need help with select texture
    Thanks, I got texture working.
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    posted a message on AceConfig need help with select texture

    I checked docs for AceConfig but I have no idea how to accomplish following things:

    1. Make text field disabled when other select field has value different than "Custom"
    2. Make select box with textures.

    Is it even possible?

    I want to have Texture and Custom Texture
    Texture will be select with predefined list of textures like this:
    texture = {
    			type = "select",
    			name = "Texture",
    			desc = "Set the statusbar texture.",
    			values = function()
    				local vals = {
    					['Interface\\Cooldown\\ping4'] = 'Interface\\Cooldown\\ping4',
    					['Interface\\Cooldown\\star4'] = 'Interface\\Cooldown\\star4',
    					['Interface\\Cooldown\\starburst'] = 'Interface\\Cooldown\\starburst',
    				return vals;

    And Text Box which will be enabled if select will have 4th value = custom

    Thanks in advance
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    posted a message on DPS helper addon, looking for contributors

    I have recently writen a small framework and few addons regarding helping maintain a poper rotation on few classes. I was wondering if I could find someone helping me maintaining it and/or making support for other classes/specs.

    Addon is named TDDps and it is a collection of helpful functions regarding buff stacks, cds and other various stuff.

    And for example TDShamanDps which currently supports Shaman elemental. Others classes which were partially done is: Hunter Warlock Mage.

    Example code from TDShamanDps.

    -- Main rotation: Elemental
    TDShamanDps_Elemental = function()
    	local lcd, currentSpell = TDEndCast();
    	local lavaCd, lavaCharges = TDDps_SpellCharges("Lava Burst");
    	local lavaSurge = TDAura(_LavaSurge);
    	local ascendance = TDAura(_Ascendance);
    	local ascendanceCD = TDDps_SpellCooldown(_Ascendance, lcd);
    	local elBlast = TDDps_SpellCooldown(_ElementalBlast, lcd);
    	local ulFlame = TDDps_SpellCooldown(_UnleashFlame, lcd);
    	local ls, lsCharges = TDAura(_LightningShield);
    	local fs = TDTargetAura(_FlameShock, lcd);
    	local fs9 = TDTargetAura(_FlameShock, 8 + lcd);
    	local ftName, ftExp = TDShamanDps_FireTotem();
    	if ascendanceCD then
    		return _Ascendance;
    	if not fs then
    		return _FlameShock;
    	if lsCharges == 20 then
    		return _EarthShock;
    	if lavaCharges > 0 or lavaCd < 0.1 then
    		return _LavaBurst;
    	if lsCharges >= 15 then
    		return _EarthShock;
    	if not fs9 then
    		return _FlameShock;
    	if _isElementalBlast and elBlast then
    		return _ElementalBlast;
    	if ftExp < 3 then
    		return _SearingTotem;
    	if _isUnleashedFury and ulFlame then
    		return _UnleashFlame;
    	return _LightningBolt;

    What does this addon do?
    It helps you maintaining proper single target rotation by highlighting the correct spell on your bar.

    Currently supported bars: ElvUI, Blizzard, Bartender - this one needs to upgraded with automatic detection.

    Why was it created?
    Other addons such as spell flash doesn't do good job because they are either flashy, annoying or makes you think about what spell you should use. Not to mention they usually have wrong rotations embedded.

    I have all classes but don't have slightest interest in serious raiding with at least half of them. I have my main and 2 alts which i raid Mythics and Heroics.

    But I would like to be able to get my alts into normal and do some decent DPS with them without reading class specific guides. Thanks to this addon I have also learned how to play shaman.

    Target is also mostly casual playes that do lfr/normal or even heroics.

    How does it work?
    It doesnt have automatic startup but you enable it with macro like this
    /run TDShamanDps_EnableAddon(1)

    then it runs thru your bars, caches it like spell name => button object
    then once every 0.15 seconds or target change checks your buffs, target debuff, cds and other various stuff and selects the spell you should use after you finish your current cast. Places a ring around button so its not affected by blizzard highlights.

    What help do I need?
    Mostly helping making this addon fully functional. Currently it has flaws that I am aware of but can live with.
    Also making all classes and specs and polishing by adding support for multi target rotations and buffs from 2/4 bonus sets which does alter rotation.

    How do I plan to do it?
    1. Git repository possibly on GitHub.
    2. Gather few contributors and together make some betas of the specific classes.
    3. Then make contact with top players and ask them to test our addon.
    4. Make it public.

    What was done untill now?
    Button highlight support by spell ID or spell Name
    DPS framework (frame, timer)
    Helper functions like spell cooldowns and stacks, player buffs, terget debuffs, target hp percentage etc.
    Hunter BM/MM/SV rotations
    Mage Arcane Rotation
    Shaman Ele Rotation
    Warlock Demo Rotation

    Please contact me if you are interested in development and tests.

    For moderators: If that is not correct place for such thing, please move thread, thanks.
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