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    Quote from Skyboat »

    If you are going to add multiple formats for bars, may I suggest supporting Nurfed as well?

    Noted. :)
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    Quote from dranor »

    Did you try it with discord or bongos?

      It only supports the default Blizzard Action Bars at the moment as that's all I use. :)

      I can and will add support for other Action Bar mods if required, just let me know which ones.

      I will look at Discord Action Bars and Bongos.
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      This is my first addon and is intended as a replacement for BlindFlashCount by Savvy, whose idea I blatently copied and rewrote as an Ace2 addon. :)

      It hooks different Events and doesn't give any errors when Skills are upgraded as BFC used to do.

      It is currently only available fron the SVN.

      I have implemented what I hope is a seamless integration with AceDebug requiring only the addition of the AceDebug directory and associated Lua file into the libs sudirectory for the option to be available. I'm not sure if this is the way it was intended to work but it seems to work for me and requires no changes to the addon's lua or toc files as the code is already there but dormant.

      Please leave feedback and tell me what you think, all criticism is greatfully accepted. :)

      You can get it from here: http://svn.wowace.com/files/RogueCounts-r9645.zip

    Edited 01.07.2006 16:55 BST - Added support for Bongos and Discord Action Bars (r6481)
    Edited 02.07.2006 19:40 BST - Added support for Nurfed Action Bars (r6630)
    Edited 28.08.2996 23:36 BST - Updated for DAB 3.17a (r9437)
    Edited 30.08.2006 20:07 BST - Added support for latest version of Bongos and CT_BarMod (r9576)
    Edited 31.08.2006 14:30 BST - Added missing Libraries (r9645)
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