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    Quote from Seerah »
    What uaxli was looking for is to show the tooltip for the debuff icon that shows in the center.

    Isn't that possible with GameTooltip:SetUnitDebuff("unitId",buffIndex[, raidFilter]) ?
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    Right now there are two Text indicators.

    Text indicator 1 for the upper part of a Grid section, and Center Text 2 indicator for the lower part of a grid section.

    Is it possible to change the addon so it has a third Text indicator?

    Text 1 for the upper half of the gridsection.
    Text 2 for the lower-left quarter of the grid section.
    Text 3 for the lower-right quarter of the grid section.

    If this isnt possible, I have no problem with getting my hands dirty with some lua coding work - I just need to know where to start and how to change the current 'Center Text 2 indicator' into two parts.

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