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    i had an issue with firefox trying to open the .application file, and found this, which seemed to solve it https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1608

    hope that helps someone
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    Quote from rza »

    with the newest version i had a prob
    some items i can?t take out of my bank
    left and right click doesn?t work, can?t drag and drop emsme out of the bank
    some items work normal
    anyone else have this prob?

    sorry for my bad english

    I also have the bank problem, even only when using the default category only, and with no sorting, the shown items have no relation i can find to what you actually are clicking, i.e. i drag some bronze out of my bank, but it shows in my bags that i actually dragged a gem, etc. had to turn off the bank for now... hope this help get to the bottom of it...
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    Firstly id just like to say i love this addon, even more so now we have PT3 category support, keep up the good work!

    secondly, i know nothing of the workings of ace or lua (tho i have been looking through some code) and wondered how hard it would be to add a PT3Browser style menu to AI for adding of PT3 categories. yes i know i'm lazy and could just type them in, but as a relative newcomer to PT im just figuring out what works. also would it be possible to show PT3 info in the debug info for items in edit mode, so i know what goes where. ive been trying to convert my wife to AI (shes one of those strange players who doesnt seem to need addons :)) and the thought of typing in PT3 strings makes her run a mile!

    many thanks
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    posted a message on [Request] ItemSync monitor thingy
    Quote from nimblerabit »

    Out of curiosity, who would want this and why?

    well, i dont NEED it as such, its was just purely for curiousity purposes.

    Quote from Seerah »

    I think it's Sairen's LootLink that does this over at WoWI. I had it on my screen for a day or two when I used that mod, just out of curiosity... Then decided I didn't need to see it. :)

    ahh.. thats probably where i saw it... tho im very happy with ItemSync... and if switching is what i gotta do to have the monitor.... ill keep ItemSync...
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    unsure if this exists, tho im sure ive seen something like it, a little floating thingy, just like Xloot Monitor, but that watches for new items added to the ItemSync database, that briefly shows that thingy that you hadn't seen before. now, i had a look at ItemSync.lua (having never touched lua before) and line 703 looks about the right place to put something.

    hope someone can help :)
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