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    Quote from HunterZ
    ...you can find good native LDB plugins that provide the same functionality as the FuBar plugins you listed. For example, I use zBrokerDurability instead of DurabilityFu and AllPlayed instead of RestFu.

    One thing that DurabilityFu does that I haven't seen in the description for zBrokerDurability or other similar mods is to optionally either 1) pop up a prompt to repair when visiting a vendor that can repair or 2) automatically repair when at the vendor. If the zBroker version did that, I would switch. If zBrokerDurability DOES do that, I wish I had known about it.

    Also, I haven't found a broker plugin that compares to GarbageFu. Once again, if there is one or are some broker versions of trash dumper/sellers that have the options I like in GarbageFu (sell button on vendor frame, exception list, dump item from bar icon, etc.) I sure don't know about it.

    Those are the last two FuBar plugins I really care about. If I could find satisfactory replacements for those, I would be getting rid of FuBar for good.
    Thank you.
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    I have slowly been finding LDB plugins to replace their FuBar equivalents, and using Broker2Fubar to display them. The plan was to switch to a LDB display eventually. Although I still have some FuBar plugins I haven't found good replacements for yet, I finally experimented with that using Fubar2Broker r83 and two different displays: ButtonBin and TitanPanel. That worked, for the most part, but I found was that several FuBar plugins indicate "Dependency missing" in the character login AddOns list and won't load. The other FuBar plugins work fine, but not these (that I have tested):


    Do you have any idea why, and can it be remedied?

    Thank you.
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    Because I haven't found LDB replacements for some FuBar plugins yet, I am still using FuBar along with Broker2Fubar to display LDB plugins, as I acquire them, in Fubar. I recently installed AddOn Loader, after which several LDB mods that support AddOn Loader are correctly delayed in loading when logging on. However, after they are loaded, the fonts & icons (of those delayed plugins in the FuBar) are much larger than before, and much larger than the Fubar/LDB plugins that are not delayed. These are the LDB AddOns affected:


    Before installing AddOn Loader I had set the FuBar display font size smaller than the default, I think to 8. When the delayed AddOns are displayed, their display size is (I'm guessing) 12 or larger (default FuBar?).
    Is this a problem with FuBar, and if not where should I be looking for resolution? Is there something I should be doing/adjusting to ensure that the size of the delayed plugins will be the same as the FuBar setting? I can't find any display size option for Broker2Fubar or the individual plugins.

    Of course I don't know where the source of this problem is. If it isn't FuBar, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.
    I have already related the problem in the AddOn Loader comments. No response yet after several days.

    Thank you.

    P.S. I would like to add my support to comments of others suggesting that FuBar incorporate support for LDB data sources.
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