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    Welcome to the author portal. We will be posting articles here about how to navigate the site, what project requirements are, the rewards program and API documentation.  Under the "Knowledge Base" button above you will find some helpful information on what is needed to start a project and get it approved. Under the "Rewards Program" button you will find information about how the author reward system works and taxes (a necessary evil). 

    We will be posting more articles as we merge sites into this newer platform. If you see a topic you feel we have missed that you would like covered please use the feedback bar to the right. If you have a question about something in one of the articles or feel something needs clarified you can comment on the article or give us feedback using the bar to the right. 

    We hope this site will help explain the systems and features in place better and make it a bit easier to know what we need for project approval. 

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    Rewards Program FAQ

    How many points are given out?

    Each month, Author Reward Points are allocated to a pool which is based on a percentage of revenues from the previous month. Thus, the total number of points fluctuates from month to month.

    When are points generated?

    A portion of the monthly pool of points is given out each day. Authors who do not log in for over 60 days will no longer accrue points until their next login.

    What happens if points weren't generated for a certain day?

    Sometimes things happen which prevent the points generation task from running. When this happens, any points not assigned for that day will still be in the monthly pool and will be disbursed during subsequent days - this will result in a slightly higher per-day allocation for the remainder of the month.

    Why did my points drastically decrease?

    The number of points in the monthly pool may have decreased from the previous month, or other projects could have gained in popularity (or your projects' popularity may have waned); all projects gain their daily points from a single monthly pool. Months with fewer days in them will generally see more points per day than longer months, and also near the end of the month you may see a significant point increase.

    How are points calculated?

    Points calculations are based on a project's popularity via the Twitch Desktop App and CurseForge.

    How much are points worth?

    The value of a single point is $0.05 USD.

    When do I start receiving points?

    You must opt in to the Rewards Program and accept its Terms of Service. After that, it all depends on your project's popularity in relation to other projects in the program.

    How are points distributed when there are multiple contributors?

    Point percentage allotment, per project, is left to the project manager's discretion. The CurseForge Staff have no say in such matters.

    What can I buy with my points?

    We offer Amazon gift cards for certain countries and a $50, $250, or $500 PayPal deposit. More items may be added over time.

    PayPal Orders

    PayPal orders are typically processed within the first few days of each month, with the cutoff date being the last day of the previous month. There are occasionally times where processing will happen later, and in some cases can be up to 60 days from the date the order was placed.

    Amazon Gift Cards

    Be certain to purchase the correct card for your region, as they cannot be refunded. If we do not have cards available for your region, your only option is to use PayPal.

    How do I sign up to receive reward points?

    You can sign up by going to the Rewards Program Settings section of your user profile.

    The Rewards Program covers all projects on CurseForge, BukkitDev, and WoWAce.

    Before redeeming your points you will need to follow the instructions on the Tax Information page.

    How long do points last?

    Reward points are valid for a period of three years after accrual, per point. For example: If you gained 1,000 points two years ago, and you spend them all, your oldest point expirations would be those accrued after those 1,000.

    Can I transfer points to another author?

    Points can be distributed amongst multiple members of a project, but only if dictated before points are distributed from Curseforge to the project. For detailed steps on adding project members and distributing points please review the following Knowledge Base article. Once points have been distributed from CurseForge to a project member they can not be transferred between members. 

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    Rewards Program

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    Common Issues: FAQ

    When I upload a file, it just disappears. I don't know what happened to it.

    All files uploaded to CurseForge are moderated. If your file has disappeared, it means it was rejected for any number of reasons. A rejection message will have been sent to the e-mail registered to your account.

    When I upload a file, I get an error message that says the file already exists.

    This error message indicates that the file has already been uploaded. Please check your registered e-mail for the reason.

    Why isn't hosted here?

    Where a project is hosted is the sole discretion of the author(s) who wrote it. It is not CurseForge's place nor right to host projects without the author's permission. Similarly, please do not upload a project that you are not the author of. You're not doing the original author a favor, and are in fact infringing on their rights. Such projects will not be approved.


    Uploading to another authors work to CurseForge

    In certain instances, the original author(s) will not want to maintain their project on CurseForge. In these cases when creating a project you must do the following:

    1. Obtain explicit permission to upload to CurseForge. This permission must be included in the project description.
    2. Link back to the original hosting location of the project.
    3. Credit the original authors in your main description.
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