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    Quote from maystone >>

    This did not seem to be in the can not do list. It is not to target, change, modify anything. It is just a simple way to let the raid leader have the marks pre configured to where they want to place them. This is more to save time as they could do this one at a time but it would be nice to just be at the boss and hit a button and the marks are set where the raid leader wants them and can spend more time on other segments of the fight.

    boss1 = raid leader uses 2 markers - hits the key and they are set with the colors wanted

    boss2 = raid leader uses no markers

    boss7= raid leader uses 6 markers - hits key and they are set with the colors wanted


    have this set only for markers that can be placed on the ground as they are used more for reference to mechanics that are to be done and have no other value.


    might consider that the raid leader first set the markers where he wants and then can save the positions to a file and name it so when it is there again he can just click the file and sets the markers to the same color and location.

     for every single battle in the whole diversion, isn't future confirmation, and by and large isn't attainable.
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    Quote from Vermicelli>>
    Ok. This request sounds dumb but is nevertheless dead serious.
    I am in this guild called (= soup in Dutch). We are all RL friends and we all have names like Tomato, Vegetable, TomYam etc. etc.
    So what? Well I thought it would be fun to see the following happening:

    Whenever a guildie is in my neighbourhood I would like him to see a pop-up message in his screen with a random recipe for making a soup.
    The shown title would be: Soup of the day.
    If possible add a button to have it printed out (which I doubt is possible) or merely a !Tip message saying you can make a screenshot for later use.
    It should contain a small library of about 25 recipes (which I could easilly change myself later on).
    It should only appear once a day otherwise I won't see an invite for a party or raid in years.
    It should fade out after 5 secs or so.


    Is this possible and who is willing to take this task upon him?
     I am not capable, having my very own couple however in the event that you intend to compose your own at any rate there is a place to begin
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