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    Much like Just Enough Pattern Banners but for Fireworks and Firework Stars.

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    Quote from McJoe21 >>

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    I have a couple mod ideas and I am currently working on making a kind of presentation. Now please keep in mind that I am not a coder and am just looking for someone who is and needs a bunch of ideas. I come up with a lot and I just would really like to see these ideas implemented into Minecraft. I have a discord channel and I am working on putting the ideas and a slight description in a word document. I also may be able to compensate or help out where I can. I, of course, am not rich and do not have tons of money to contribute to someone like a full time employee. The compensation could be there if needed but it would be based on progress. Please Pm me if you are interested or have more questions. :)



     Use MCreator to make mods without knowing how to code

    Edit: Really, no
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    Don't use MCreator, really.

    but everything I try ends up being some type of error

    That's why

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