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    Quote from Ellipsis »

    Provide a translation of "The Battle for Mount Hyjal" in your locale to the Babble folks?

    I'm sorry, guess I don't understand.

    Who are the babble folks? (don't find anything for them sorry)

    I need to provide a translation to them for english (usa) for "The Battle for Mount Hyjal" ?

    Thanks again.

    sorry if this seems stupid questions.
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    posted a message on Fubar - error when first logging in
    Keep getting this error when ever I log in. Have updated to latest fubar version but still get this same error.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Date: 2007-07-13 22:25:47
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ...ce\AddOns\FuBar\libs\AceLocale-2.2\AceLocale-2.2.lua line 487:
    Babble-Zone-2.2: Translation "The Battle for Mount Hyjal" does not exist.
    [C]: pcall()
    ...nterface\AddOns\FuBar\libs\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:575: Register()
    ...AddOns\Cartographer\Libs\Tourist-2.0\Tourist-2.0.lua:2497: in main chunk
    AtlasLoot, vAtlasLoot Enhanced v3.01.01
    AutoBar, v2.01.00.04 beta
    Capping, v2.1.011
    Cartographer, v2.0
    FuBar, v33424
    MobHealth, v3.2
    OmniCC, v6.12.05
    Swatter, v4.0.2

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