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    posted a message on Realistic Monster Spawns

    Monsters should not spawn during the night, everywhere around you. It's unbalanced, having a pack of zombies spawn right beside you... Especially in Hardcore mode.


    So, what about having monster bases where they spawn & occasionally raid the player?

    These could even be ruins left by the player. Let's say a creeper blows up a house you made & you decide to move. 

    And of course, procedurally generated ruins, graveyards, undead fortresses, villages that have been over-run & taken over by the undead, etc.


    They should spawn both in day & night time & should not burn in sunlight. That system is old & stupid, it feels like a temporary patch to set things be & it hasn't been replaced.



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    posted a message on Proper Goblins Mod

    There's two Goblin mods so far, they both suck.


    I suggest making a proper Goblin mod, Goblins could have outposts much like Pillagers in 1.14 & raid player's loot by putting them into their inventory & then bringing them back to their camps, ruins, or caves, wherever they live.


    As for weapons & armor, they could start with nothing & use whatever they or their kin looted.



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    posted a message on Pigman Villages

    Pigman civilizations in the Nether & Overworld outposts next to fancy Nether portals.

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