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    This addon would ideally do the following :


    * Gather a list of all items ( inventory, bank, guild bank, cageable companions ).

    * The list would be a minimum of :  item id, pet id, name, count, current bind status (soulbound, bind on equip/use, account, none), location (bank, inventory, guild bank), location (tab/bag#), location (slot#)

    * After scan, display a window containing the above in CSV format for easy copy/paste into spreadsheets / databases / etc (external)


    This may require the user to actually navigate near a bank / guild bank for each of the scans, which is acceptable.  It would be nice to have this data in an exportable format (eg, CSV layout inside a window that can be copy/pasted out).  Currently, there are no addons that do a thorough scan like this, and the ones that do export, do so in a manner befitting their website for premium subscriptions only -- while still lacking supplying any real data.


    This doesn't need to be super intense like scanning for enchants or gems on items, but having the item in the CSV in it's present state as it is on the character would be nice - for example, the current bind status of that Bind on Equip item is Soulbound, so the CSV would show that as soulbound.


    If the item is found in the players guild bank, then having the guild bank name would be nice for those items.




    Once created, ideas for the future might be sharing a list of items you have to trade that you wish to trade (selectable list) via addon communication with another player who has the addon and is in party as well. An example would be if you had 150 companions available that you wish to sell, and there is an interested buyer -- instead of linking each one (which would be painful), the addon could share the list of items/companions you are willing to trade.

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