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    Quote from Tue »

    I used to use Recap for damage monitoring but at some point it wasn't updated anymore

    Look for Recap (Hawksy) on curse-gaming (the main site for the addon), or here on wowace (available courtesy of dotted), still being actively maintained.

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    Quote from Cepstrum »

    The idea is as follows.

    Requirement 1 : I need to be able to see how much dmg the tank(s) are taking in a text file for the whole fight, i.e. capture.
    Explanation: For example a tank, tanking Nightbane, i want all the recording made from the combat log i.e. all the dmg per line nightbane did to the tank.
    Purpose: The purpose is simple by examining all these numbers and adding them or manipulating in any way a healer can optimize his heals.
    Feature: As an extra feature would be nice to watch many tanks too.

    Requrement 2: Same thing can be applied for the healers. Which healers healed the tank, how much and what spell rank.

    I have no idea if all these can be tracked down. but hey it is a nice idea and would help healing so much instead of some automated addon.

    Recap with the "Recent Data Mode" option turned on can record and post the most recent events that happened to the tank. It lists damage and healing events in the chronological order recorded by Recap.

    If you shift+right-click on the tank's row in the main panel, the most recent 100 incoming events for the tank will be posted. If that doesn't go far enough back for you, or if you want to copy and paste outside of WoW, check the Recap FAQ file for how to open the Recap clipboard and post there.

    You can do that for any combatant, not just for the main tank.

    If you control+right-click instead, you'll see the Outgoing events for a combatant. So you could post the most recent things Nightbane did, and to whom.

    If you want to analyse things after you log out, you could instead check out the WoW Web Stats site at: http://www.lossendil.com/wws/doc-index.jsp

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    posted a message on A proc watcher for nondamage procs.
    Recap (starting with version 3.68) has the option of tracking this information.

    "Added tracking of effects that do not directly report damage or healing (casts, including dispels, cleanses, procs, and so on; debuffs/losses; buffs/gains; and so on). Tracking these is optional, and the default is off. To turn this tracking on, check the "Other Data Mode" option on the Options / Settings tab. The Other Details can be found on the popup panel -- click on the 'Sunder' icon between the 'Book' icon and the 'Sword' icon."

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    Quote from GreenX »

    Is there any sort of mod that kinda does what Recap kinda does but better?

    Showing me stuff like:

    How many times I Parry, Dodge, Block and Misses
    How many Crushes and Crits I get


    Recap does track that information, on the Incoming Details tab.

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