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    posted a message on Shulker Ores

    Much along the same vein as Chickens and MooFluids. Shulker Ores takes the idea of Skulkers which adapt to different overworld environments and begin to generate 'Resource Pearls' over time.


    An example being, at certain Y Levels underground for example Y12 a Shulker over time takes on the appearance of Diamond Ore. Over time when feed trash items such as cobble the Shulker develops a Diamond Pearl (Think along the lines of how real world Pearls are formed).


    At different Y Levels underground the shulker can take on different Ore types. Coal, Iron, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, Diamond


    Other Shulker ideas:

    - Wood Based Shulker (Forest = Oak, Roofed Forest = Dark Oak, Taiga = Spruce, Birch Forest (You guessed it), Savannah = Acacia, Jungle (You guessed it)

    - Aquatic Shulker (Water, Water Pearls and Lava Pearls = Obsidian Pearls)

    - Prismatic Shulker (transformed in the Guardian Temple)

    - Floral Shulker (Flower Forest - Gives a random dye)

    - Village Shulker (Emeralds?)

    - Frozen Shulker (Ice and Packed Ice)

    - Sandy Shulker (Sand!)

    - Terracotta Shulker (Random Terracotta)

    - Lava, Quartz and Glowstone Shulkers (3 different varieties from random chance in the Nether)

    - Mushulker (Shulker on the Mushroom Island)


    Feel free to add more Shulker types these are just the ones I can think of for now :D

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    posted a message on Expanded Anvil and Enchating Table GUI

    A small slice of life change to allow players access to their armour inventory slots in the aforementioned GUIS for easy armour switching, enchanting, repairing etc :)


    Thanks :3c

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    posted a message on Tool for Grass Paths and Farmland

    In reply to Shiraori:

     Thank You for taking the time to do this, it looks great can't wait to try it :3
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    posted a message on Expanded Crafting Tables

    It would be great if we had the capability of having and creating recipes which require a larger crafting grid than the 3x3 grid in Vanilla; for example, a 6x6, 9x9 and maybe even 12x12 crafting table: along with potential crafttweaker integration for these tables.


    I know this might be a lot to ask, but I think it could prove useful for modpack developers who might want to make more resource intensive recipes.


    Thank You for reading :3

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    posted a message on Tool for Grass Paths and Farmland

    Doesn't it get annoying having to either dig up or jump on farmland to remove it? Or dig up Grass Paths to remove them?


    How about a tool to turn these blocks back into dirt, for ease and convience. This can also incorporate the coarse dirt to dirt mechanic, and can also be used to turn blocks such as Mycelium, Podzol and Grass into dirt also.


    Perhaps call it the turfing tool, crafted using a shovel and hoe together sorta like the paxel recipes.

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    posted a message on Villager Diversity

    The texture of villagers would change depending on their environment, I.e. darker skinned villagers for desert or hot climates with temperature appropriate clothes, lighter skinned villagers and thick clothes for cold winter biomes

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    posted a message on Gunpowder Placement Mod

    Creeper interactions would be cool too, you can blow up creepers from a safe distance ;3

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