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    posted a message on KgPanels and Bagnon

    In reply to CollectX:

     No ATM i haven't found anything to make it work so i simply gave up.

    Actually still checking this thread every two or three days to see if someone will come out with something but seems like no luck.

    I'll post a solution if i come across it for some reason >.>

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    posted a message on KgPanels and Bagnon

    Thanks everyone for checking in, my problem has come out today when i tried to parent the Bagnon bag frame to a kg panel.

    I am not new to kg as I've used it for many years, but I am stuck right now.

    When i parent the frame to BagnonFrameinventory (checked with Framestack) it seems fine and the panel get the width and height right, it also anchors fine, but everytime i reload the UI the panel never activate when i open my bags.

    As soon as i change some panel options it appears and work 100%.

    I can manage trying some script, and i tried some scripts myself but it seems that it's simply not loading the thing.

    P.S. I have a dozen of other panels (with parenting and such) that loads fine.

    Thanks in advance for your help, Marce

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