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    posted a message on [150USD] Mod request | Combat sytem rework

      -The idea is to create a completely new combat system in MC, based on fluid animations and their diversity.

     The mod must include: Weapon-specific player animations and different variations of them, hit animations, hit-stop and any possible solution for compatability with 3D armors and weapon models.


      -If I am statisfied with your work, you get a new contract, It will be paid better, and the task will be to create an animation API to let modders create animations for their projects(Player, Weapons, Workstations et cetera).



      -Mod and possible API must be open-sourced after release or in case of dev abandoning his project.

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    posted a message on [100USD] Witchery mod port for 1.12.2

     Witchery mod didn't get any updates for the last 2 years or so, and the author seems to be gone. Im willing to pay 100$ for a fully working 1.12.2 port of the Witchery mod. If the job gets too hard we can negotiate about raising the cost of the job.

     P.S. The project must get open-sourced after the release, or in case of developer abandoning the project.

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