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    Minecraft beetroots are nice. They add some verity, but like, they don't add much gameplay-wise. It's mostly for aesthetics. They need an upgrade. Pumpkins do magic stuff, why not beetroot?

    Enchanting uses pseudo-random numbers to determine what enchantments it will output. Tools exist to crack this and get great, cheap enchantments under very specific, but easily replicable conditions. This requires that one keep their client windowed and put numbers into 3rd part software though, killing immersion.

    I believe beetroot can become more useful and make high-tier enchanting more immersive with a mod that does the following:


    Beetroot and it's seeds are enchantable at the enchanting table, giving them a random enchant seed and player seed.
    Beetroot seeds set the enchant seed on rightclicking the enchant table.
    Beetroot sets the player seed on consumption.
    Beetroots and beetroot seeds can be put in an anvil with others to make more enchanted beetroots/seeds with identical enchant/player seeds.


    Why this is useful:

    Enchant beetroot/seeds and use in anvil with other beetroot/seeds to create copies.
    Eat beetroot then right click enchant table with seeds.
    Experiment with number of items tossed to get desired enchantments consistently.

    >Gives more meaning to beetroot as a game mechanic.
    >Makes enchanting more of a skill to be mastered.

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    Blocksteps is a pretty neat concept executed well. It lets you make your minimap by coming within a configurable distance of the blocks you wish to add to the minimap. It's only available for 1.8 and it doesn't seem like the author wishes to continue developing it. It would be nice if someone could port the mod to newer versions, if possible.



    Also how do you change name here? I updated my name on Twitch but it's not updating on here yet.

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    One reason mob grinding might seem boring to some players is that one can do it without putting oneself in danger. The typical mob grinder experience is sitting behind slabs swinging at the mobs' feet for a few minutes & you have hours worth of XP. It's far too efficient. Something messier is needed.


    A configurable timer can be placed on a mob on hitting a player, & if this counter isn't present on that mob, they drop no XP.


    Obviously not all mobs can hit the player in a way that allows them to be hit back, such as creepers, so a configurable list of exceptions to the counter rule should be available too.


    This'd be in the following categories for the following reasons:


    Server Utility: Balances economies, PvP, PvE, & a lot of other things too.

    Adventure/RPG: Dramatic change to typical leveling routine

    Magic: Makes getting enchantments much more gratifying, since you gotta work more for it.

    maybe Cosmetic: Mob grinding will be a more sensually stimulating experience.


    (How do I indent paragraphs lol?)

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