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    Can't seem to get a certain setup for prat. Got most of what I wanted to change, but not certain if all of the options are actually possible with Prat.


    I want to set it up so that the player names are the color of what chat channel they are speaking in, but I want the text the enter to be tan.




    Bob: Hey man

    Jill: LTS Stuff

    Adam: What is that


    Bob is whispering, Jill is in trade chat, and Adam is in /say. Bob's name would be pink, Jill's name is orange, and Adam's name is green. All of their messages (Hey man, LTS Stuff, What is that) would be tan though.


    It would be nice to set it so that /say and such was white text and stuff like guild/trade would be tan, but I don't think that's possible. If it is though that would be amazing!

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