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    Im looking into creating an addon to support the looting system that our guild uses, called +1.


    1. I want to log all the itemdrops, and who recieved it in a list.
    2. In the list I want to be able to give a player a '+1' in a certain category (i.e "Weapon", "Tier" or "Gear")

    I believe that the +1 loot-system is known in the classic world, but if you're unfamiliar with it here's the basics:

    If a player has recieved an item of a certain category, he may not roll for another item in that category until the others in the raid has gotten their +1 in that same category.


    If there are any questions feel free to ask and I will try to clarify.

    I'm also interested in learning about creating this addon, if anyone is willing either do it for me or with me, I would certainly appreciate it.


    I've attatched an image example of how I've manually kept track of the loot, might give you some perspective on my idea.


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