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    Would it be possible to design a series of Aura Filters that will auto-filter "Trash" buffs like mounts and other world buffs that present as if casted by me, but I don't want shown.


    Maybe designing it in such a way that it could be a checkbox when applying the aura filters on Unit Configuration > [Selected Unit] > Auras > [Buffs/Debuffs] > Filters.


    Possibly auto filters for things like "Ignore 'Trash' Auras" and "Ignore Raid Buffs" or "Ignore buffs that don't have a drop timer".


    A good majority of us would probably not want to see "Wheee" aura from Darkmoone when leveling, or my mount aura when I'm mounted. Me, personally, I don't like seeing my long raid buffs on my raid frames. I have other addons for that. I'd rather just see what HoTs I've cast on raid members without missing one because it was taken up by Fortitude, Blessings, or some other extended buff that I don't really need to worry about for a while.


    I'm sorry if this has already been brought up. There are a lot of posts on here and I couldn't read them all.

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