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    Anyone interested in developing a framework used for creating quest-related plugins and mods? I have everything planned out and could use some help getting started and keeping everything maintained.

    So, about a year ago I created a mod called AutoQuest 2 which turned out to be very popular. The idea came when I was doing some old quests and got tired of having to click through all the gossip dialog frames. After a bit of experimenting, I found that the WoW API supported the automation of interacting with questgivers.

    My original AutoQuest 2 mod is still being used and while it still works even a year later, there are a few bugs that I never fixed and is out of date. The plan was to create an entirely new library and split the mod into modules that can be loaded on demand. This would also offer a framework for others to create customized mods for Autoquest.

    Here's the Curseforge development page http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/autoquest-framework/

    I have git all set up and if anyone wants to help out with development, I'd be glad to share the repository info. Let me know what your guys think and if there is any interest in getting started with this project!
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