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    posted a message on Set chat-setting via Lua/Addon?

    Take a look on:


     in your case "Experience" is set by:

    ChatFrame_AddMessageGroup(ChatFrame1, "COMBAT_XP_GAIN")

    you can read all Chat Options from Blizzards Original "ChatConfigFrame.lua"


    here is an exaple "short" macro for Experience and Honor:

    /run local ca=ChatFrame_AddMessageGroup;local cf=ChatFrame1;ca(cf,"COMBAT_XP_GAIN");ca(cf,"COMBAT_HONOR_GAIN")


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    posted a message on [string "--[[ Error in ' Talents\Items' ]]return fun..."]:59: attempt to concatenate local 'ilvl' (a nil value)

    First at all...

    It is a better way you would post the "whole" WA string so we can test it ;)



    It would be nice you post the Code by "Insert a code block" so its more "visible"


    but a shot dirty test you can try this to prevent the error by changing this: = aura_env.color[quality]" ("..ilvl..")|r"

     to this: = aura_env.color[quality]" ("..(ilvl or 0)..")|r"


    but i dont know why this shoud not work, i've tested it with that macro:

    /run for i=1,15 do local iL=GetInventoryItemLink("player", i); if iL then print("slot "..i.." = ", GetItemInfo(iL))) end end

    By the Way "GetItemInfo" does not return the true ItemLevel from Artifact weapons and maybe some other too.
    The best way is to read the Itemlevels from the Tooltip so its much more accurate at all!

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