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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Show bar in vehicle

    i have mine set to be the folowing:


    in visibility tab, check "Fade out", set fade out alpha to 0%, the check "Use custom Condition" down the bottom. Withing that i have this:


    [target=target,exists,nodead,harm][combat][vehicleui] show


    It makes my bar show up when i have a hostile target selected, enter combat or enter a vehicle. But for yourself, essentially you're after the [vehicleui] show

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    posted a message on Bartender4 spell charges

    I was wondering if anyone new howto disable showing charges gained for spells ? specifically charges from procs like aimed shot buffing arcane shot or gaining balance druid empowerments.


    I've been tinkering in the LibActionButton lua and have managed to disable other things i wanted gone like button glows and regular ability charges/stacks. Just not ones from proc gains.

    So far my only solution will also disable stacks of consumables i have on my bars (those i want to keep)


    I prefer to have weakauras handle them as i can fully customize when they appear.


    I'm even open to alternative bar addons.

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