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    posted a message on Looking for authors to maintain my addons
    Indeed, I won't touch them then.
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    posted a message on Looking for authors to maintain my addons
    I think it's worth preserving and updating your MagicMarker, MagicTargets and ButtonBin addons. I won't use ButtonBin myself, but I can install MagicMarker/Targets and see what I can do. I will not promise to maintain anything, however.

    If I did, I would probably strip them down heavily and remove a lot of the additional functionality present in the addons that I deem useless.

    I'm not sure if you would be prepared for that.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from Rabbit
    But I will reply here again once I've fixed the issues.

    Try again now, make sure you update your code to reflect the changes I made to the BarStyles.txt document.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from gia2
    Can anyone help me identify this, please?

    That is indeed the BigWigs proximity display. If the circle is red, people are too close to you, if it's green you are safe.

    To turn it off and go back to the old name-based display, open the BW options and click the "Configure ..." button, then the Proximity tab and uncheck the "Graphical display" option at the top.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from VQKatsuko

    But to get this working i had to make barStyles, barStyleRegister Global. I dont know if i am doing a round about way to getting it to work, but it works i guess. Also every time I open the config menu I see
    [PHP]BigWigs_Plugins-r8161\Bars.lua:809: No style with the ID "Methylui" has been registered. Reverting to default style.[/PHP]

    I'll take a look and get it fixed today.
    If you want help with this, the IRC channel is a lot better since I don't read the forum unless someone points me to a specific post/thread.

    But I will reply here again once I've fixed the issues.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from VQKatsuko




    Try removing that line.

    EDIT: And remember to put
    OptionalDeps: BigWigs, BigWigs_Plugins

    in your TOC file.
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    posted a message on Random addons blocking removing glyphs?
    The problem is that any addon that uses a StaticPopupDialog (the window that asks if you really want to replace a glyph or not) will taint it.

    This is a Blizzard problem and there's not much an individual addon can do about it.

    However, I have a sort-of solution in the works in the form of a small library that replicates the SPD functionality and allows authors to easily drop it in their addon and replace the usage of the Blizzard one with mine.

    It's a "sort-off" solution because it only solves the problem if all your addons start using it.

    I am off to work in a minute, but I'll upload it tomorrow.
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    posted a message on Ace2 End-Of-Life Discussion
    Why did you LOCK the repository of a WORKING addon?
    You have to open it again.
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    posted a message on Big Wigs Countdown Voiceover
    For anyone looking for a reasonably priced microphone (like I am, to replace my crappy one!), I've looked at a few alternatives;

    First off is the cheap one;,en
    It'll run you around $30 USD. Despite how cheap it is, this microphone has gotten absolutely amazing reviews all over. I won't link any of them, just fucking google it.

    For those of you who maybe lead raids or have some more usage for a microphone than just recording these 1-5+MARK sounds for us, like me, I've been looking at the Audio-Technica AT2020 -
    I'd link AT's site, but they don't even have a photo of the mic on their product page. What the hell are they thinking? Idiots.

    Anyway the AT2020 is not cheap compared to the Logitech one, with prices around $90 to $150 USD, depending on store and accessories. If you want a tripod and such, you'll probably have to pay closer to $130-$150.

    If you're considering the AT2020, I recommend looking at this video, which has a few suggestions for homemade mic stand + filter and stuff;

    My desk is relatively small, and I don't want anything clamping up the area around the keyboard, mouse and screen. It's just one more thing for me to look at. So I was thinking of simply using a clamp ( and a gooseneck ( and just attach everything to the top of my LCD monitor, bending forward slightly. I think this would also provide enough shock absorption through the LCD monitors stand.
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    posted a message on Big Wigs Countdown Voiceover
    Dang, this is when I notice how crappy my microphone really is!
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    posted a message on Big Wigs Countdown Voiceover

    (This part is a bit long and I should've written it as a separate post, but anyway, you can skip it)
    As some of you (people using alphas) will know, we've recently been adding in a few features, including;
    * Super Emphasize
    * Clickable Bars
    * Tip of the Raid

    These 3 features were all meant to be part of our first release after the Ace3 rewrite (BigWigs 3.0), but alas we did not complete them in time. Then 3.1 was ninja-released without my approval and so the features didn't make that release either.

    But now we're on track. For the next major BigWigs release (3.2, currently in alpha), all these features will be available. They are, to some extent, already implemented in the alpha builds, although a few key things are still missing, they will be done for 3.2.

    For Tip of the Raid, we've enlisted the help of Ensidia, Premonition and, who have all contributed a big set of excellent raiding tips -- although they are not part of the alphas yet, I'm still waiting for's submissions.

    Clickable Bars really needs no outside assistance, but it will be a welcome feature for many, I think.

    What's this about?
    In any case, let's get down to the point, this post was not supposed to be about our next release, but rather about the "Super Emphasize" feature, and specifically the "Countdown" option we have there.

    As some alpha users who have tested this feature will have noticed already, Ammo found a Creative Commons-licensed female voice counting "5, 4, 3, 2, 1", and committed it as a first example of this option. However, we're not entirely happy with her voice, and we're now asking you, the community, for help!

    If you think you have an awesome voice, whether you're a man or woman, we want you to submit some good quality countdowns that we can include in our next release!

    Record your voice with a recording application of your choice and a good microphone while saying the following sound bits:
    "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "Mark" and "Zero"
    Note: One file per word, please!

    If you're a Windows user then I think Microsoft bundles an application called "Sound Recorder" already that you can use for this purpose. I'm a Linux user myself so I'll do it with Audacity or simply gnome-sound-recorder. I'm sure KDE provides their own alternative. For Mac users, I have no idea, but I'd be surprised if they don't have a sound recording app as well.

    After you've recorded them to WAV, if you have storage space to upload those anywhere, then please do.
    If not, you can use any MP3 converter software to convert your wave files. I did a quick Google search and the most promising WIndows freeware program I found is (unless you are comfortable with the command line DOS, then you can use LAME directly). But there are more examples of encoding software at if you want other options.

    If you're a Linux user there are many ways of converting WAV to MP3, including lame and bladeenc. Audacity can also save to MP3, and there are tools for Gnome and KDE to do the same (gstreamer, kdewavencoder, etc).

    After you've recorded the voice samples, you can either;
    * Mail them to [email][/email] (note that this is not the character I play with any more, but it's still my nick here :p)
    * Create a BigWigs ticket and attach them there, naming the ticket something like "Voice recording: Rabbit (male)", where you replace Rabbit with the name you'd like to be presented with in the config options.
    * Upload them somewhere and post a link in this thread.

    If you didn't manage to convert them or just want to provide us with the raw wave files, please upload them somewhere and instead of attaching the files, just give us the link somehow. Either via e-mail, ticket or this thread.

    All submissions must be made available to us under a Creative Commons license (any of the licenses listed at will be fine), and you must acknowledge that simply stating your nick in the configuration dropdown and possibly in the About panel is enough to satisfy the attribution clause).

    Voice packs
    When we're closing in on the 3.2 release, we will package all the voice samples we receive as a BigWigs_Voice separate addon, and the BigWigs configuration screen will get a dropdown where you can select which one to use (and preview) for Super Emphasize.

    We will also make it extremely easy to add your own voices, in the cases where guilds want to make an internal voice pack (which I suspect could become quite popular to do -- I know my guild will do it, at least!).

    Note that a countdown doesn't necessarily have to be "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, MARK!", it can be any number of fun things, including just screaming "AAAARGH" with an increasing volume, or cursing louder and more obscene every seconds, or whatever you can think of. Note, however, that the ones we include in BigWigs core will most likely only be of the "5-1 MARK" type. BigWigs_Voice will include everything that we get!

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    posted a message on oRA3 - UNOFFICIAL
    Quote from OrionShock
    why use spellID's for player spells? once your ingame you can just grab the localized name via GetSpellInfo and compare with that as it should grab all ranks of a given spell.

    Because number compares are faster than string compares, and we don't give a shit about lower ranks.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from Skylinee
    Just got 2 of these upon entering Eye of Eternity (latest version of bigwigs):

    [19:45:59] This seems to be an older version of Big Wigs. It is recommended that you upgrade before entering into combat with a boss.

    Could this be because the ingame version gets reported as 4964, while the one on projects is 4983?

    It's simply because someone in the raid has a 10+ revisions higher BigWigs than you do. You should only get that message once per session though, I'll look into that.
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Perhaps you should just stay with the pre-3.0 ClosetGnome then, it still works fine.

    The current one is a beta, and after some heavy consideration I'm going back to including Tablet and a FuBar plugin, just hang tight.
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    posted a message on Big Wigs Common Auras
    It's more likely that you misspelled "Misdirection", because ATC works perfectly here.
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